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Now in its twelvth year, the DIRT Report has benefited from a drastic increase in the number of records submitted, further strengthening the value of its conclusions and recommendations.  These conclusions are published and used as a resource for legislators, enforcement bodies, committees reviewing what needs to be changed in the one call laws, and MOST IMPORTANTLY used to draw conclusions for why damages are happening. This makes it crucial that all stakeholder groups are providing information as it does effect conclusions drawn.  If there is very little input from the excavating community AND the true root cause of incidents is not going to be known to above mentioned groups who ARE making decisions that effect rules governing excavation.   PLEASE MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.  

Link to DIRT report:


PUCO is the Enforcement Agency for Underground Damage reporting. The links below are for PUCO complaints and Underground Technical Committee information:

Link to PUCO file inquiry:

Link to PUCO for information on committee, meetings, minutes etc.:


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